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Nose wrinkles, also called bunny lines, are wrinkles next to the nose that occur when the nose is raised, when laughing or when the eyes are closed. Some people don’t suffer from these wrinkles, but some people suffer from them very much and are very annoyed by them. The older people get, the more they usually suffer from bunny lines. Genetic predisposition influences the development of wrinkles around the nose, but a strong facial expression can also cause nasal wrinkles. Fortunately, the treatment of bunny lines at Betan Clinics is very simple.

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How can bunny lines be treated?

Bunny lines, or nasal wrinkles, are easy to treat. This is usually done with muscle relaxants, but bunny lines can also be treated with a filler treatment. The treatment does not take long; often, it is finished in 5 to 10 minutes. The muscle relaxant is injected with a very thin needle into the muscles on the sides of the nose. You will feel the pricks, but the pain is almost nil. Epilation or waxing, for example, hurts more. Because of this, an anaesthetic is not necessary. By injecting the muscle relaxant, the muscles around the nose will relax, which will also make the cheeks look less sunken. Because of this the nasal wrinkles will disappear. The facial expression will not change. After the treatment of your bunny lines you can go home immediately. You will experience few complaints after the treatment. However, the skin may be red and somewhat swollen. This usually disappears after a few hours. It is important that you do not wear make-up on the treated skin for the first 12 hours after the operation and that you do not drink alcohol. It is also better not to sunbathe, not even under a sunbed. This way, you will get the best results from the treatment of your bunny lines.

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Why choose a treatment against nasal wrinkles / bunny lines at Betan Clinics?

  • Highest quality and safety Quality and safety always come first
  • An experienced plastic surgeon Betan Clinics employs an experienced plastic surgeon with a high academic title. The plastic surgeon guarantees 100% attention and attention to detail.
  • Free consultation Always a free 30-minute consultation. At home, you will receive a digital medical questionnaire in advance, so that the plastic surgeon has all the time during the consultation to discuss your questions and wishes.
  • Latest techniques The latest, advanced treatment techniques for the best results.
  • Natural results Less is more: preserving natural results. Together with you, the plastic surgeon will draw up a personal treatment plan that fully meets your wishes and produces a natural result.
  • Evening and weekend Evening and weekend treatments
  • reachable 24/7 Reachable 24/7 in case of complaints after the operation

De plastisch chirurg van Betan Clinics

Dr. Volkan Tanaydin, MD, PhD, PharmD

(Big nummer: 59910764601)
  • Zeldzaam Dubbelgekwalificeerd Estetisch Plastisch Chirurg en Apotheker
  • Nederlands én Europees gecertificeerd
  • Doctoraat titel (PhD)
  • Fellowship in beroemde Pitanguy Instituut in Rio de Janeiro, Brazilie
  • Ruime ervaring door brede casuïstiek
  • Focus op kwaliteit, veiligheid en nazorg
  • Vooruitstrevend maar ook eerlijk en duidelijk over haalbaarheid van resultaat
Dr. Volkan Tanaydin
Zoek, vind en waardeer zorgaanbieders op ZorgkaartNederland.nlTanaydin, V. is gewaardeerd op ZorgkaartNederland. Bekijk alle waarderingen of plaats een waardering

What does a treatment against nose wrinkles / bunny lines at Betan Clinics cost?

At Betan Clinics a treatment against nose wrinkles / bunny lines is only performed by an experienced plastic surgeon and with the best A-brand injectables. A treatment against nose wrinkles / bunny lines is possible from € 95, – including consultation and check-up. This is a very competitive price for a treatment that is performed qualitatively and safely by a plastic surgeon with a high academic title.

Each treatment is tailor-made for you. This means that the plastic surgeon will draw up a personal treatment plan for you in line with your wishes and expectations. The plastic surgeon always gives honest and sincere advice. Would you like more information about a treatment against nose wrinkles / bunny lines? Then please contact us free of charge: call or send us a message on Whatsapp at +3150 211 3 876. We are available 7 days a week until 22:00 hours.

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